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About the Author

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   Joni has been writing professionally since 1974, and has worked in the alternative health field for over 40 years as an author, educator, practitioner, and consultant. She is a licensed aesthetician and has certificates in nutrition and aromatherapy. She had a private practice in Sonoma County, California for many years, specializing in integrating alternative modalities into lifestyle and wellness programs.


     In the early years, Joni wrote for a variety of natural health magazines. She was on the advisory board for one of them. Then, by happenstance, while in the waiting room of a chiropractor's office, she met a man who owned a book publishing company. She told him that she wrote for magazines. He said, "Why don't you write a book?" And so, she did, and he published it in 1996.​​ She has been writing books ever since.

   Joni grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is a fifth-generation Californian. She embraces writing as a contemplative and personal time. She began writing in earnest when her children were young, getting up at 4:30 in the morning and writing until the family woke up. It was her best time for writing and still is.

    All of Joni’s books are non-fiction. Joni's themes range from technical (her dedication to self-care, natural skin care, and wellness) to memoirs (her love for matters of the heart) to spiritual (her father's influence). Writing is not a career for her, but it is a lifestyle. She always has a writing project in the works. 

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