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Angels & Aromas
Using Essential Oils with Angels
2nd edition

by Joni Keim

COVER PIC-Angels & Aromas COVER pic.png

108 pages


     Angels & Aromas celebrates the association of angels and aromas. The best-known angelic aroma, detected upon an angel's arrival and departure, has been described as something close to exquisitely beautiful floral aroma...complex, sweet, and rich. There are also accounts of other types of aromas, such as earthy, light, or bright. This book explores the natural aromas of essential oils that can be used in association with angels as as representation and affirmation of the angels' responsibilities and characteristics.

     You do not need an aroma to be in the presence of angels. Angels can be with you at any time and any place. But if you enjoy the beautiful and enticing aromas of essential oils, they work wonderfully to enhance your encounters and experiences with the angelic realm.

     This 2nd edition of Angels & Aromas includes illustrations.

Author's Note:

     The concept for this book, the association of aromas and angels, first appeared as an appendix in Daily Aromatherapy in 2008 and then again as an appendix in Aromatherapy Anointing Oils in 2016. In 2020, I felt it was time for it to be a book of its own. Angels have always been dear to my heart. This book was a joy to write. It is the 4th book in the Tribute series.

     The 2nd edition of Angels & Aromas was published in September 2021. The only significant change made to the 1st edition was the addition of line drawing illustrations of all the angels, which were done by Dominic Keim.

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