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Angels for Our Children

written by Joni Keim
illustrated by Dominic Keim
Angels for Our Children-front cover.png
     Angels for Our Children
 celebrates the characteristics and responsibilities of angels that take care of children especially well, such as protecting, guiding, and comforting. It is for all children and the child in all of us. Children experience many adventures and challenges. Knowing about angels, especially specific angels, may be helpful along the way. This book is designed to be read to children by a loving and patient adult or young adult.
Author's Note:
This book was a special collaboration indeed. While written by myself (age 70+) it was illustrated by my nephew (age 15). This young man has been drawing since he was about 7 years old and the family knew he had a special talent and a special calling. I am honored that he agreed to join me in producing this book. 
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