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Natural Skin Care

Alternative & Traditional Techniques     2nd edition

by Joni Keim

Natural Skin Care-front cover-2018.jpg

Author's Note:

     Natural Skin Care was first published in 1996 by North Atlantic Books in Berkeley. I wrote it after many years of writing for natural health magazines, after studying with a naturopathic doctor, while I had my own skin care practice in Sonoma County, and while I was working with a natural cosmetic manufacturer. This is the second edition.  

364 pages





     Natural Skin Care (2nd Edition) offers comprehensive information about skin care. It is useful for anyone who wishes to learn about taking care of their skin and the factors that contribute to its natural beauty and vitality. It includes a checklist of the most important internal and external influences: sun exposure, smoking, exercise, nutrition, hydration, gut health, sleep, hormones, skin care programs, and stress. It explains how to determine skin types. It describes the basic as well as optional steps, products, and routines to meet the needs of each skin type. It includes simple and effective DIY recipes for a variety of skin care products. Natural, alternative therapies that support the skin are introduced, including acupressure, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, color therapy, herbal therapy, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, reflexology, flower essences, and stress management techniques, such as meditation, EFT, and breathwork. 

     New in this 2nd edition: Updated and expanded information on every topic, extensive list of plant oils for skin care, added topics (balancing blood sugar, supporting hormones, importance of digestion and gut health, improving gut health, and suggested reading, websites, and resources), added treatments (lip balms and serums), added alternative therapies for managing stress (Craniosacral, EFT, Functional Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Laughter, Massage, Meditation, Music, Polarity, Sleep, and Yoga), and a special feature describing a professional, aromatherapy skin care treatment.




     "As a clinical aromatherapist with my own line of natural skin care products, this book is my new go-to resource for skin care advice. I value Joni’s holistic approach to skin care. It makes sense that when you take care of yourself, your skin benefits! This book helps the reader understand the many things that affect their skin and the many things that can help it, including alternative therapies. I can’t wait to try more of the suggestions myself!"

                                     --Caryn Gehlman, Clinical Aromatherapist,

Owner of Scents of Well Being,

a natural skin care company.

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