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Where's Your Marknewman?


written by Joni Keim  ~  illustrated by Dominick Tiberius Ciampi, Jr.

Where's Your Marknewman?-front cover.png

50 pages



     This is the true story about a little boy whose early childhood was spent with his mom, dad, and a dear family friend on a farm in Pennsylvania. The experience left indelible memories and a realization of how lucky he was.

Author's Note:

     Where's Your Marknewman? is the 1st book in the Tribute series. It is a collaboration with a long-time, friend of mine who is a cartoonist. It was not written as a children's book, though children do enjoy reading it and having it read to them. It was written as a tribute to a special man and to the child that forever exists in all grown-ups.

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